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     Our 2015 Babies Arrived on 3/15

We were blessed with five fur babies.


2 black females


2 dark s/p boys


1 very dark s/p girl


Dark salt and peppers are absolutely beautiful.  They have the s/p markings with a very black topcoat.  They can keep this intense black color with correct grooming techniques.

This little boy is always the first to greet me in the morning.  He loves to be cuddled and is already coming when he hears kisses.  He will be an excellent companion.  He is a dark salt-n-pepper with a black topcoat.

This sweet little guy is a mommy's boy. He is very laid back and absolutely loves to be handled.  He has no issues with bath time or getting his nails clipped.  He is considered a salt-n-pepper, but has an                                                                                               intense black topcoat.

This baby is very laid back at this age.  She is a cuddler and enjoys climbing into just about any lap.  She has a very intense black coat that is a traditional schnauzer coat. 

 This sweet girl is very confident and very beautiful.  We love to see this confidence at such an early age.  She struts around the kitchen likes she owns it.  She will have a lovely fluffy coat.  

This incredible very dark salt n pepper girl rules the roost.  She is the smallest in the litter but loaded with personality and confidence. Like her siblings, she will be great with children.



2014 Babies

Tess, on the right is living in Virginia with her sister Sadie. 






Hunter now lives in Hibbing, Minnesota.

Max is living in Stillwater, OK helping to mind the store.



Puppy Info


    Your New Miniature Schnauzer Puppy


Besides being preloved and a little spoiled, each puppy goes to their new home with the following:

 >veterinarian newborn health check 

>CERF eye exam performed by a veterinary  


>tail docked by a veterinarian

>dew claws extracted by a veterinarian

>deworming treatments

>up-to-date vaccinations by a veterinarian

>AKC limited registration with Sire's DNA number

>transition puppy food

>first toy with mama's scent

>first puppy haircut if desired

>four generation pedigree on request

>"puppy firsts" photos and updates

>extensive socialization program

>paper training

>crate training

>updates on your puppy's progress until traveling

  to their new home

>continued support long after you adopt your new



Our champion bloodline puppies sell for $950 each.  We have worked very hard to acquire AKC show line parents with exceptional quality, thus helping to insure good health, beauty, and outstanding temperaments. Then we do the best job possible to set up all the conditions so each puppy has the best start possible, including daily cuddling.  Socialization is very important to help each puppy transition to their new homes and to be a well adjusted member of their new family. We keep puppies until they are 8-10 weeks of age so that they can get their eyes tested by a veterinary ophthalmologist and so they can benefit from our early socialization program along with their siblings. 

Puppies are exposed to a variety of settings and props including:


     other pets - including cats

     grooming equipment

     household cleaning equipment   

     lawn equipment

     car rides


     child's trombone lessons

We offer a guarantee against any life threatening genetic illnesses as verified by a licensed veterinarian until your puppy is a year old.  


Shipping is available only if necessary and the separate price reflects the current airline ticket, health certificate, and puppy crate. (currently about $300 total)