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Why would you choose a Miniature Schnauzer?


Miniature Schnauzers became a distinctive breed in 1899 and have proven to be very good family pets.  If purchased from a reputable breeder, you can enjoy the animated personalities, the intelligence, and the beauty of these wonderful members of the terrier family.  Schnauzers are devoted pets who will offer hours of entertainment and then settle down to a lap for some cuddling. They do not shed (but need to be groomed).  Some people believe that they are great for people with allergies.



Why should I choose a puppy from Lifesong Schnauzers?


Lifesong Schnauzers raises a limited number of champion-line miniature schnauzer puppies each year.  Our two family pets, Winston and Jazzie both have excellent pedigrees and possess all of the quality characteristics found in champion lines.  We want to offer an alternative to puppy mills and pet stores by working very hard to bless you with a family member that will possess the best temperament, health, and beauty. 


Our puppies come with a five-generation pedigree that is full of champions. In addition, we only raise one litter of puppies each year in our home. These babies come to you pre-loved and pre-spoiled, just the way they should be.  They are socialized as they are introduced to new experiences and settings to make coming to your home easier. In addition, their little personalities are typed so we can better match each puppy with his/her potential family.


Who is the family behind Lifesong Schnauzers?


First of all the name Lifesong comes from a Casting Crowns song and we believe that everyone has a purpose when created by God.  Your lifesong is your purpose. 


We live on ten acres in Coweta, Oklahoma where we enjoy nature and family.  We paricularly enjoy our three miniature schnauzers, Winton, Tootsie, and Jazzie.  Tootsie is over ten and is our first mini.  My husband and I have four

children who can certainly vouch for the wonderful temperament of a well-bred miniature schnauzer.  Our children range in age from 21 to 9 as we have added two younger girls to our household recently. 

I am a public school teacher and my husband is in sales.  We have an incredible church family and put Christ first in our family.


Why are champion lines so important for people who just want a pet?


Few dogs make it to the show ring. However, dogs bred from champion lines tend to be a much better representation of the breed. The traits necessary to be a champion include not only beauty, but temperament and health.  It is a priority to breed these characteristics into each puppy hoping to ensure the success of the breed.


I have done a great deal of research on Miniature Schnauzers (a school teacher thing, I guess) and have found that there are a lot of advantages in choosing a dog from champion lines. Those who breed dogs for the show ring obviously want a dog that fits the breed standard set forth by the American Kennel Club-conformation. However, reputable breeders do not continue to breed dogs that they believe could carry on negative traits for the breed. In the case of the Miniature Schnauzer, dogs with behavior problems such as nervous, barky dogs, or dogs with aggressive behavior are not bred again.  And of equal importance, most do not want to see the continuation of health concerns in a line, like liver and pancreatic disorders.  On the other hand, a breeder trying to make money with trendy colors and sizes will concentrate on these characteristics, sometimes neglecting temperament and health issues. 


In most cases, the champions in the pedigree line can be traced on the internet and you can see pictures of them, knowing that they are still alive and healthy. Therefore, pets from champion lines have a better chance of being happy, healthy, lovable pets that you can be proud to own. I encourage you to talk to people and do your research. It is best to call the breeder to get a feel for their program and to be certain that you puppy is not coming from a puppy mill.  Ask a lot of questions; you are making a long lasting decision when you add a new family member to your home.


We do not register with any other registry except AKC and we do not raise puppies that do not adhere to the breed standard as prescribed by AKC.